We are pleased to relate that Rainbow Wholefoods is part of The Living Wage Foundation. The Living Wage is an hourly rate set independently and updated annually. Current London Living wage is £10.20 per hour and UK rate is £8.75 per hour. Membership is voluntary and according to both the Prime Minister and the Leader of the Opposition it is, “good for business, good for the individual and good for society”.


Welcome to our Christmas price list which will see us through to the end of this turbulent year. Rainbow would like to join Jaguar, BMW and most of the rest of the UK’s businesses as signalling our despair at the prospect of a ‘no-deal’ Brexit. The restrictions, delay and expense of the logistical process alone will be debilitating and then there is the impact of tariffs. How a trade such as ours, which is so dependent on our European neighbours, could survive such an event is not clear to me and we hope that common sense may yet prevail. At the time of writing 50 Tories are looking at challenging Theresa May, Boris is brooding in the background, Jeremy Corbyn is equivocating and the British public are divided as never before. If common sense is to prevail it will have all of these obstacles to overcome.

On the subject of wholefoods, we continue to note the phenomenal rise of veganism, the timely attention being paid to all modes of packaging and the unremitting presence of turmeric and oat milk. They just won’t go away. Brazil nuts are back, currents remain in short supply and commodities in general are vulnerable to currency changes…. which brings us back to Brexit.


We wish you all very jolly holiday and a peaceful New Year. Instead of sending out cards to you we are, as we do these days, donating that part of the budget to Shelter who work throughout the year to provide facilities for the homeless. Thank you very much for your support throughout the year, it is greatly appreciated by all of us here.

We will be open on

Thursday 24th December

Closed for Christmas and Boxing Day

and will operate a restricted service for retailers

between 27th to 31st Dec (please ask).

We will be re-open on

Wednesday 2nd January 2019


HAPPY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR and many many thanks for your support in 2018

Richard Austin opines:

Almonds: Estimates on the 2018 crop are around 2.4 billion lbs and this is pushing prices up until a clearer picture emerges at the start of July. Cashews: The present crop looks the best for three years so we are still hoping for some lower prices to relieve the recent currency based firming. Pecans: China dominates this market and we may see some price easing but it hasn’t come yet. Brazils: Prices should settle now that supply is returning to normal. Raisins: Californian fruit is poor quality and highly priced leaving opportunities for Turkey, Chile and South Africa fruits. The first recovery would be in September when the new crop arrives. Apricots: The crop has been good prices are coming down substantially. Figs: Weather conditions look good for the new crop and there is the hope that prices will ease accordingly. Sunflower: The increase in soya prices is affecting this market but prices remain at reasonable levels and look stable.  Pumpkin Seed: The market is very low and farmers and traders are sitting on stock waiting for price firming. Pesticide levels continue to be a cause of concern with these seeds.

Please remember buying in advance is risky and can end in tears. There are no issues with food storage backing a winner at Wincanton so you may get better value for a flutter exploring that possibility. Whatever you do please don’t blame me as the comments above are for your interest only.

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